Rashed Engineering: Your Energy Specialist

We are the leader of Engineering services in Malaysia!

Rashed Engineering provides chemical, mechanical, materials and corrosion engineering services in oil an gas industry.

Rashed Engineering can help you achieve the maximum potential, reduce the risks, and improve the reliability of your production platforms.

Best Resources, Highest Qualifications, Best Management

Rashed Engineering is ready to provide any engineering services you might need at the earliest possible. From building a small equipment to designing the whole facility, we are here to help!

Just contact us and we will try our best to meet all your expectations.

Why Should You Trust Us?

Advanced Analytics

Rasheed Engineering is one of the leading consulting firms that assist the oil and gas companies in achieving step-change transformations in their businesses.

Accurate Calculations

Our team has access to top notch software and applications in Engineering world and have been trained to produce the most reliable data.

Reduced Cost with the Best Technology

Optimize your rivalry at the asset or corporate level by powering extensive assessment and cost analysis, innovation and technologies strategies.

Reducing Risks

We help our clients achieve a risk-free environment to continue their production with minimum down time.

We have a growing team of Engineers from different fields of expertise. We also have the greatest contractors all around the world that can help us achieve our goals.

No matter if you need a Corrosion Expert, a Mechanical Engineer, or Even an RBI Specialist, we are here to help.

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